Mike and Sunah Connors - Oakville, MO

    Greetings Bauer Falls. I just wanted to express how much my wife and I love our new waterfall. It looks so natural we were completely blown away. Amazingly enough, our new waterfall and landscaping is attracting all kinds of wildlife from hummingbirds to frogs and even a few deer. Thank you so much for your extra effort! We love it!

    Ken and Maria Bowers

    Caleb and Josh have worked for us for a number of years. I think we were one of their earliest projects when they "struck it out on their own"! They are both very creative and their work incorporates practices that not only please the eye but defy leaks. They incorporate natural biological and plant filtration that minimizes the maintenance greatly. If you have multiple ponds and waterfalls as we do, you appreciate the beauty and the functionality. Both factors play a role in how much you will enjoy water features in your garden. And they are very fair in their pricing. Their projects over the years have been both large and small. They are equally passionate about all them. And their brother David has been a welcome addition to their business. Anyone can visit our yard anytime to see their work first hand.

    Don and Connie Moellenhoff

    Bauer Falls built our waterfalls and pond a little over a year ago and the results were spectacular. We were worried that selecting the lowest bid would not necessarily result in a truly desirable project, so we asked them to go all out and design us an impressive scene. They still came in with the lowest bid and built us a waterfall and pond that was truly awesome. The day it was finished a group of people viewed it and were amazed when they found out that the pond and waterfall were just finished that day. The general consensus was that it looked as it had been there for years. Josh and Caleb are truly exceptional. Not only are their designs and building skills great but their service after the sale is outstanding. We highly recommend them for your project.

    Paul Larson, CFP - President & CEO

    We have had Bauer Falls build two projects for us. The first was at our home and the next was at our office. They not only worked with us to creatively design something that fit our location but also came back to make sure that everything was working well. You will not find harder working and trustworthy people in this industry.

    Sam and Shirley Culella

    We were referred to the Bauer brothers by a mutual friend. Immediately it became clear that both Josh and Caleb were both artists in building ponds and water features along with natural stone walls. We found their prices to be very competitive and all the work was completed in natural stone and really blended in with the rest of our property. We live in the woods and Josh and Caleb made our water fall and stone walls to look like they were always there and we had just built our home around them. Once they had completed the project, which far exceeded our expectations, they were always available to answer any questions, help us when we needed it andBA always stood behind their work. We would not hesitiate to refer Josh and Caleb to anyone who wants a natural looking water feature that will be the focal point of their landscaping.They are truely gifted at what they do!

    Carl and Nathalie Reynolds - Chesterfield, MO

    Josh and Caleb Bauer have taken a landscaping eyesore in our backyard and turned it into a beautiful oasis that enhances the value of our property. The property has a very unusual and problematic topography. A mound about 15 feet high with a 50 foot oak tree on top sits about 20 yards outside our back door. The oak tree is magnificent but the large hill was impossible to maintain and overrun with weeds. Where most people would see a insolvable problem, the creative minds of Josh and Caleb envisioned a unique and beautiful natural landscape. After a stressful workday we can now sit and relax on our flagstone patio while enjoying the soothing sight and sound of a beautiful waterfall emptying in a pond filled with colorful swimming Koi surrounded by amazing flowering shrubs. The waterfall and pond may be even more beautiful iced over and lit up in the winter. Though there is surprisingly little maintenance needed, the Bauer brothers are very responsive when we call. Their creativity and enthusiasm for their work is readily apparent. We intend to make use of their skills again to enhance the natural beauty of our landscape and highly recommend Bauer Falls to anyone similarly inclined.

    Kathy and Lee Reid

    To Bauer Falls We would like people to know that before the Bauer Brothers professionally reconfigured our existing pond it had become a constant source of work and worry. Now after their efforts it is a pond that everyone can enjoy and appreciate; humans, small fish and many birds! As requested, they positioned the top part of the pond so we could see the waterfall from our kitchen window and they gave us the pleasant sounds we wanted. Their lovely landscaping gave our pond a more natural look.

    Ginny Mueller

    I met Josh and Caleb Bauer two years ago at the St Louis Water Gardening Society meeting held at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. While we had initially volunteered to be a host site for the annual Pond-O-Rama Tour in June; I certainly was not prepared to do so after a family tragedy. Josh and Caleb introduced themselves, and offered to make my pond the best ever for the tour. I was impressed by their kindness, but most impressed by their work ethic and attention to detail when they began cleaning my pond, and planting truck loads of plants, shrubs, and flowers. It looked spectacular for the tour! Their creative nature, positive attitudes, and always striving to make something better led to the redesign of my pond for better flow and functionality the following year. They enhanced the landscaping; and created an amazing natural look of deeper ponds, waterfalls, and streams with an amazing sound. Josh and Caleb placed each stone, rock, and plant in just the right place for the optimum look and water flow. Because of the design, plants, and filtering, my pond is relatively maintenance free and always looks fantastic year round! If anyone is looking to create a pond, waterfall, stream, or garden area that is a peaceful refuge, I highly recommend Bauer Falls. They are always so excited about each and every project they create. Each design is unique and becomes a wonderful enhancement to enjoy each and every day. Josh and Caleb are wonderful to work with and make every person feel special. They are always available to resolve a problem or answer a question. Thank you for a beautiful refuge that I can enjoy and share. You are great guys, enhancing and creating amazing spaces to enjoy. I am always delighted to share with anyone interested in seeing their work. THANK YOU!

    Gary and Linda Shillito - Columbia, Mo.

    We have many good things to say about our experience with Bauer Falls and the construction of our back yard waterfall, pond, and stream bed. Josh, Caleb, and David were open to our input in both the planning and construction stages of our project and it was much appreciated. During the planning process we wondered whether a combination waterfall, pond, and stream bed were right for us. Now, five months later, it is difficult to imagine being without it. It has provided a soothing ambience, an educational experience for us and our grandchildren, and a continuous source of pleasure and satisfaction. Once construction began, the Bauers displayed professionalism and efficiency in coordinating stone delivery and excavation with no resulting damage to the existing lawn and thorough clean up and mulching of the construction site. It is obvious that the Bauer brothers take an extreme amount of pride in their work and it definitely shows. They work very effectively as a team and are diligent in their effort to stay on schedule and provide a completed project worthy of praise and admiration. We could not be more pleased.